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Tournament Details

The KGL plays from the tee boxes that are closest to 6,300 yards 

Members are expected to adhere to the Round Times and Cart groupings. For example, # 1 & #2 ride in the first cart while #3 & #4 ride in the second cart.  


Scores are to be posted on The Grint after every hole

Maximum Handicap


Breakfast Ball

Better of 2 counts (only on first hole)

Off The Tee

Provisional Shots: Players are encouraged to take a provisional shot (+1 stroke) if they suspect their ball to be out of bounds off the tee box. 

Out of Bounds: 2 stroke penalty lateral fairway drop

If no provisional shot is taken and ball is not found the player will drop the ball at point of entry and take a 2 stroke penalty;  next shot will be considered their 4th shot. 

Fairway Play

Ball can be moved backwards on fairway

Intent to Hit

1 stroke penalty

Water Hazard

Drop in line with flag as far back as player decides at point of entry


One club length granted with man made object 

Max Strokes per Hole

Double Par + 1 

Par 3: 7 strokes

Par 4: 9 strokes

Par 5: 11 strokes



No gimmes if shooting for par or better

Tournament Tie Breaker

1st Place Tie Breaker: 

Option 1: Par 3 if available

Option 2: Putt off 

Cheating of any form will result in automatic removal from The KGL